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A complete home inventory makes it easier to get a proper and fair settlement of insurance claims, should you be that victim of fire, theft or other disaster. Just think how difficult it would be to remember all your things after disaster strikes.
Do it now!
Homeowners and renters both need this kind of protection for peace of mind, secure in the knowlege that an inventory of your possesions is stored off-premises in a safe location.

You can access your data at any time, from anywhere, even when traveling. You can print out reports for your own use or to provide to your insurance company.


It's easy !
Pick the rooms and other locations for your home. We provide a list of standard rooms for you use as is Or you can customize the list with names meaningful for your home.

Select the categories you want to use for your possessions. Our standard template covers most categories, but you can add or delete items to customize the list.

List your items, organized by room and category, complete with costs,comments, photos, reciepts, warranty information and whatever else is important to you. You can include as much or as little as you wish.

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